Ink Wtr Upstate Chai Concentrate 64oz

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Ink Wtr
Upstate New York is in our blood; snowy winters, autumn colors, spring flowers and 2 months of the year with sun, we love the culture just as much as we love our specialty coffee drinks.  With more than 20 years in the specialty coffee industry, we’ve seen products come and go, trends fade in and out, and we know what our people love.

Our founder has carefully crafted this magnificent Chai using only organic and natural ingredients.   We brew weekly in small, individual batches to make our delicious chai as fresh as possible.  We don’t make it to sit on shelves for months and we don’t try to sell it to the masses. We make the best Chai possible for those hardworking people that deserve it. 

We know the New York winters are cold and the summers can be muggy, so serve it hot or cold, depending on the day! 
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